How to Construct a Concrete pool in Your Backyard

Concrete Pool Construction Noosa

How to Construct a Concrete pool in Your Backyard

A swimming pool is not only a place to cool down but also a place where you can find mental peace.A nice dip in the cool and comforting pool can help you to rid yourself of mental and physical exhaustion. So constructing your concrete pool is a great option to enjoy these benefits.

Concrete pool finishes are safe and slip-resistant. Concrete pool finishes can give many different options with pool finishes, styles, sizes and designs and can also offer safe accessibility for children. When it comes to decorative concrete pools, one of the most popular choices for your coping or pool surround are tiles of your choice or timber decking. it doesn’t matter which way you want your pool to look, it is better to consult concrete pool contractors as they have the best skills in this specific field.

Signing An Agreement

The process of the construction starts with a Preliminary Agreement and contract which consists of all the documents and the required clauses. We then arrange engineer designs to suit your block of land and arrange the necessary Council permits.

Digging Your Pool

After receiving Council Approval, we will arrange the necessary excavation equipment to dig your pool. The placement of your pool needs to be chosen wisely as this is going to be the permanent spot of your pool and you want your pool to be a feature of your home.

Fixing The Steel

After excavation, fixing  the steel is placed. This will take 2-3 days depending on the size of your pool. Your internal pool plumbing is also done at this stage, along with placement of your skimmer box and main drain and light positioning.

Concrete Placement

Concrete is applied to the steel framework through a concrete pump. The concrete is sprayed through a pipe that is attached to an air compressor. The concrete is placed in a hopper and as the concrete is pumped through the hose and when it reaches  the nozzle it shoots out with tremendous force to stick to the frame of steel.

Outside Plumbing

When the concrete has dried, the boys will strip the boxing around the pool and the external plumbing may be done if feasible. Our pool plumber will take care of all the suction lines, blower lines, water feature lines and heating lines back to the location of the pump and filter.

It is safe to leave the filtration equipment on site at this stage the pool plumber will also install your filtration equipment.

Internal Finishes

If you have chosen waterline tiles, the waterline area and coping will be rendered and the tiles applied.

After the tiles have been applied the pebblers will pebble your pebble which only takes a day and they will follow up the next day, by acid washing the pool and putting in your hose to start filling the pool. It is important not to turn off your hose while the pool is filling otherwise if will cause tide lines.


Before we can fill your pool your fence needs to be completed and inspected by the Certifier and a Prefill Certificate supplied. The fencing should be arranged as quickly as possible so as not to hold up any stage of the concrete pool works.

After completion and filling of your pool, you pool will be commissioned (start up of the equipment). You will then be instructed in the processes of cleaning, filtration equipment instructions and maintaining your new pool.

Time to enjoy a swim in your new pool.

Seeking the help of concrete pool contractors like Nautilus Pools is a clever choice as they have the experience and technical knowledge to execute all types of projects. They provide great service in the Noosa and Sunshine Coast area. Since 1984 (over 34 years) they have done a great job and are highly recommended by their clients.

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