How To Choose The Shape of Your Swimming Pool?

before designing a home pool

How To Choose The Shape of Your Swimming Pool?

Having a pool in the backyard will not only enhance the beauty of your property but also increase its value to a great extent. Swimming pools provide relief in the hot summer months and are also a great space where you can relax after a hectic day at work.

When it comes to swimming pool construction in Sunshine Coast for your family, concrete swimming pools Concrete inground swimming pools are popular because they are beautiful, long-lasting and allow the pool owner to let his or her imagination run wild when it comes to pool design options. 

Many homeowners feel that investing in a swimming pool is pointless, but most families enjoy splashing around in their pools during the hot summer months. There are many design elements to consider when creating your luxury swimming pool including price, size, space available, who will be using the swimming pool and for what activities as well as the depth and shallowness of your swimming pool.

Why is it best to consult expert builders to decide the shape of a swimming pool?

Swimming pools come in a wide variety of incredible shapes and sizes; it can be a daunting task to decide the perfect shape of the swimming pool. It is best to rely on expert builders like Nautilus Pools who can best help you understand the pros and cons of each shaped pool to ensure you make the best decision when installing your luxury swimming pool.

Kidney Shaped Swimming Pool

The kidney shaped pool is a highly versatile shape and just perfect for creating a curved pool on a budget. The shape resembles a curved bowl with a medium size indent on one side of the pool. The kidney-shaped design creates more square-footage yet less perimeter footage, which typically is more inexpensive to install.

Rectangle Swimming Pool

Rectangle shaped swimming pools feature a modern design for your backyard and are also perfect for water aerobics and avid swimmers. Rectangle swimming pools usually fit all types of backyards. Rectangle swimming pools are common so you can easily find an appropriately sized pool cover.

L-shaped Swimming Pool

The L-shaped swimming pool is an excellent choice to encompass all types of swimming activities. Whether you plan to use your pool to swim laps, dive or for children to play, L-shaped pools are ideal for all ages and stages. A spinoff of the L-shaped swimming pool resembles a rectangle shape with space for both lap swimming and pool entry steps to the side. This unique design allows for lap swimmers and those relaxing simultaneously, without crossing swim paths. This pool shape also offers a natural, gradual slope from shallow to deep ends, rather than a steep slope that most other swimming pool shapes have.

Classic Roman or Grecian Shaped Swimming Pool

The Roman and Grecian shaped swimming pools are upscale yet classic choices for many swimming pool owners. The Roman shaped swimming pool is a rectangular shape with curved edges. Meanwhile, Grecian shaped swimming pool is similar in design provides a modified 90-degree angled corners. In addition to other benefits that the Classic Roman or Grecian shaped pools offer, homeowners who are looking for swimming pool construction in Sunshine Coast can easily tailor the design depending on their personal style.

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