7 important factors to consider before building a swimming pool

before designing a home pool

7 important factors to consider before building a swimming pool

Designing a home Swimming pool but feeling overwhelmed? Dreaming about building a swimming pool at home but not sure where to start?

Whatever the case, before diving into your swimming pool building project, there are several factors you might need to consider.

The experts at the Nautilus Pools always work closely with homeowners to design and build the right pool for their space.  Here, we have broken down some keys to determining whether a new pool is right for you.

1. Know the zoning laws

Before you even break ground or schedule a consultation just make sure that the property that you have the correct building permits.

2. Decide the type you want

There are 3 main types of in-ground pools available – concrete, vinyl-lined and fibreglass. Weigh up the pros and cons and the pool carefully before you decide to build it. A qualified pool builder can walk you through the options and help you make the right choice for your backyard.

3. Seek out a quality filtration system

Indoor or outdoor, salt water, magnesium or chlorine, every swimming pool needs correct water circulation to keep it sparkling and fresh. With advances in energy efficiency, heating and automation, an experienced pool builder can help you find a reliable and high-efficiency aquatic system for your pool.

4. Look toward longevity

With global temperatures on the rise, quick installation times of vinyl-lined and fibreglass pools can be really tempting. However, these types of pools are not able to adapt to the changing seasons. If you are looking for a durable, customised pool to suit your yard, you may find that the longer installation time of concrete pool between 4 to 6 weeks is worth waiting for. Remember to consult with your insurance company regarding your home policy for your pool.

5. Think how much you can maintain

Swimming pools can be a valuable asset when selling your house. If it is not properly constructed and maintained, the opposite can be true. A poorly kept pool can decrease your property value. Hire a trained pool technician to keep your pool clean and sparkling for years to come.

6. Determine a budget

With maintenance, longevity and accessories in mind, it’s time to determine if you have the budget for the swimming pool. It can be a wonderful way to relax, but there are a few ongoing expenses that need to be considered. 

7. Compare prices

If you have checked off the last six items, then it’s time to start comparing prices. Be diligent in this process. To make a deal, some of the contractors may not include everything in the initial bid and that’s why the following item is important.

Nautilus Pools offer efficient and cost-effective swimming pool construction on the Sunshine Coast. We have knowledgeable, trained and experienced professionals who can diagnose any problem with your pool and determine the most economical solution.

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